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The Parisian-inspired boulangerie and bistro also boasts of its marble cocktail bar and cream banisters overlooking the Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard below.

The Downtown Dubai restaurant is where morning people can lounge in the shaded terrace and enjoy people-watching while sipping Ethiopian Boon Coffee or a refreshing glass of lemonade. Pair that with a generous serving of our salades composées or a decadent pastry from the menu and experience Parisian cafe right in the heart of Downtown, Dubai.

Afternoon to late evening is when guests can indulge in a unique menu of seasonally-inspired and delightfully-sinful cocktails, a mark of a true Dubai French restaurant.

Bartenders are experienced in artistic mixology giving guests the ultimate Dubai bar experience through creatively-crafted concoctions and a bar menu created and prepared in the La Serre kitchen.

The cocktails at the bar will save guests a trip to France with its defining Parisian wit and character crafted in by its bar manager, Henrik Baecklund.

Henrik Baecklund

Henrik Baecklund – La Serre’s Bar Manager

Henrick is a Business and Economics graduate who moved to Dubai to earn his university degree in International Hospitality Management and Business Administration at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management in Dubai. He has a decade of experience in the field of hospitality, starting an amazing career at a 4-star hotel in one of the famous ski resorts in the Northern part of Sweden. He eventually developed his skills in cocktail development, familiarizing himself with raw materials and quality spirits when he joined the Hilton group as part of a nightclub/ lounge bar team.

It took him less than a year to make his name in the field, getting approached by one of the top three cocktail bars in Sweden, the Braserrie Godot, where he was trained by one of the master bartenders in Stockholm.

He joined La Serre in September 2015 where he manages and operates the Bistro Bar as the Head Bar Manager. Here, he leads in cocktail development and pays particular interest in premium spirit experimenting to bring flavors unique only to La Serre.

Guests can easily turn a casual dinner into a relaxed night out with a menu designed to last into the late evenings as well as a bar program that’s easily approachable and undeniably unique. Street lights add even more charm to the scene as La Serre bar is encased in the second floor of a two-storey glass facade allowing both natural and city lights in for an ambience that only a true downtown Dubai restaurant can offer.

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9th July 2016 - Posted by La Serre