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From 16th January, La Serre’s latest Aspiring Artist Initiative partners for the first time with online art gallery, EMERGEAST. EMERGEAST will bring together a collection of unique and distinct art work from inspiring artists across the Middle East to showcase their individual talents on the walls of La Serre’s Boulangerie.


art installation at La Serre
The Aspiring Artist Initiative has been run by La Serre for the last year and to date has featured two artist’s work; propelling their careers forward. The new partnership with EMERGEAST will see the walls of the ground floor Boulangerie used as an art gallery space where artists can showcase their work to the public. All the work is available to purchase directly from the gallery.


The common theme of placement and displacement, unites all the pieces from different artists, highlighting a full perspective of each individual artist’s world and aims to speak loudly to the duality that the Dubai audience possesses.


art work and paintings at La Serre Dubai


Co-founders Dima Abdul Kader and Nikki Meftah of EMERGEAST, both possess an avid passion for art and culture. They work together to continuously gather a collection of emerging artists across the Middle East and showcase their work through an accessible portal. EMERGEAST is the region’s first online art gallery shining light on the shapers of the Middle Eastern art scene. Their extensive search for talented emerging artists permits the gallery to find hidden gems propelling them on an international scale. Additionally, collectors and art enthusiasts can browse, scroll and navigate the gallery to learn more about the artists and gain an intimate insight into the artist’s story and inspirations.

EMERGEAST at La Serre will run from 17th January – March after which La Serre will announce the next artist on display.




Grazia FC

Grazia Double Page - Aspiring Artists initiative 18.1

The Boulangerie opens daily for breakfast from 6:30am through to lunch and dinner, closing at 10:30pm.


Note: Artists who would like the opportunity to showcase their work in the Boulangerie at La Serre, should contact for the chance to exhibit.