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One of the hardest things about living in Dubai is the absence of fresh produce. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has gone to bite into a ‘fresh apple’ only to find it tastes like soggy cardboard.

And as much as ‘eat local’ is a fun and definitely en vogue trend – the people that came up with that probably never tried to serve a gourmet meal in the desert.

The United Nations of Tarte Flambée

The ingredients for our French and continental meals come from all around the world. Check out the united nations of produce that goes into one our best sellers: tarte flambée.

La Serre Bistro and BoulangerieTarte Flambee

We bring in sweet cherry tomatoes from Holland, crème fraîche direct from snooty dairy cows in France, onions from the good ol’ US of A and chili peppers from Turkey. Flour is one of the most important ingredient in this dish, so we fetch ours from Italy, the home of pizza, pasta and other wheaty goodness.

Eat Well, Not Local

We buy a fair amount of produce from a local, organic farm in Abu Dhabi. The rest of our ingredients come from suppliers all around the world, many of whom Chef Ani knows personally.

La Serre Bistro and Boulangerie Kitchen

Serving gourmet food in Dubai is about striking that balance between local products and international ingredients. If you want to eat well, you just can’t eat local.

Dubai is a global melting pot, so it makes perfect sense that our dishes are as well.