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Robert A Hammond is the artist behind our favorite piece of art in the Bistro ‘Outside of the Element of Doubt’ and lucky for us, we managed to sneak in an interview with him to learn more about those ‘smiley’ faces.
photo of Robert Hammond
Robert A Hammond’s work utilizes iconography and the sign process in today’s interfaces for content. His mediums and materials are line-art, 3d modelling, computer cut glass, cast aluminum and polished steel. His message is Spirit, Thrill and Innocence. The compound results are translated into heavy, wall-hung, relief sculptures.
Thank you for kindly donating “Outside of the Element of Doubt” to La Serre. It serves as a constant reminder to smile. The smiley faces are your signature style, how did you come up with the idea? And what’s the story behind this mood-enhancing piece of art?
With the smiles it is a sense of Innocence I’m after. My art is my way of pushing this sense into our everyday lives. I think when we are innocent – we are at our best.
The first thing we notice about your art is the use of glossy stainless steel. Why do you choose steel as the main component of your art?
I love mirror polished steel because it reflects the “life” around it – always moving – always reflecting something new – this way the art piece has a life of its own and remains always new
art installation by Robert  A. Hammond
How long does it take to create a piece of art, especially using steel?
The ideas take 1 year – the execution half a year – to two years.
We once read that you create art that signals a visual “affirmation”, utilising sentiment as a device, found in the broad use of smiling faces. Can you tell us more about that?
People enjoy “great” art because it embodies the sense of life’s thrill. In my art I take this as a notion and make it into a visual device (the smiles) – I want the art to reward the viewer – in effect my art is only complete when the viewer is smiled upon.
As an international artist with exhibitions all over the world, from the USA to the UK, which country have you been most inspired by?
Certainly Dubai and the Emirates are one of my favourite places to visit. The art scene is amazing and La Serre is the place to be seen.

dubai local artists
Happy Lucky Four – an art installation by Robert A. Hammond

Which is your personal favourite out of all your artworks?
Actually my favourite art pieces tend to be the more abstract pieces of which La Serre has one (Outside the Element of Doubt) – yet I think my favorite is a piece entitled Happy Lucky Four.

art by Robert Hammond
This is just one of the few pieces by Robert that will be coming in 2017.

What is next for ‘Mr smiley face’ Robert Hammond?
I have my next collection coming out in early 2017 – I am casting large mirrored alluminium sculptures in transparent colored coatings – something totally different.
How can our guests continue to follow your work? 
You can follow my Facebook page: Robert A Hammond Art or my website: .
Thanks Robert and we hope to see you reunited with your art at La Serre soon!