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Youpiii today it’s Crêpe day, known as La Chandeleur in France and we are celebrating with a special crêpe menu in the boulangerie.

We have some wonderful childhood memories of our mothers preparing this delightful skinny pancake which you simply just can’t get enough of!


Our favourite is ‘La chocolat’, made with homemade hazelnut spread, served with vanilla ice cream and roasted hazelnuts, this dish will transport you back to long forgotten childhood memories.

For guests seeking comfort food to battle the cold weather in Dubai, ‘La Traditionelle’ gives you the pleasure of home cooked winter warming food, a light crispy crêpe filled with veal bacon, potato, mushrooms and cream. Oulalala!!!

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The Chef’s Special Crêpe menu is available in the boulangerie from Tuesday 2nd February until Saturday 6th February.

Happy Crêpe Day!
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