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French dining is made more interesting here at La Serre. Since opening its doors in 2013, the people that make up La Serre has been committing to delivering only the best of Parisian-inspired dining experience from sunrise to sunset.
La Serre Sharing Eggs Benedict


For breakfast, the La Serre Boulangerie doors swing open at 6:30 in the morning with the bakers coming in as early as 3:30 am to make sure every bread on the table is served warm and fresh. As the day unfolds, the boulangerie is filled with the enticing aroma of freshly baked pastries which brings in guests preparing to start their days with a hearty breakfast.
The petit dejeuner presents staple breakfast meals with a twist a La Serre – from creamy pain perdu to the classic scrambled eggs with truffle.
The shaded terrace of the boulangerie also adds in completing the perfect early morning; after all, people-watching mixed with delicious pastries and a cup of Ethiopian blend Boon coffee are really what makes La Serre the destination restaurant for the best breakfast in Dubai.
To see what awaits you every morning, check out the latest from our boulangerie menu.
Seared Sea Bream


For lunch and dinner, guests can head up to La Serre bistro where they can feast in French and Mediterranean-inspired menu.
All ingredients are sourced fresh, a philosophy behind La Serre being awardedRestaurant of the Year. Everything in the menu is created with the flair and vision of the chef, creating the best lunch in Dubai. Dishes such as tarte flambée, marinated lamb cutlets, tuna carpaccio, and roasted chicken with foie gras and truffle sauce are just some of the chef-d ‘oeuvres that will tickle the fancy of even the most meticulous eater.
The second floor is also home to the bistro’s marble cocktail bar where beverages for every taste and palate awaits for the adventurous taste buds.
At La Serre, French dining is made less intimidating and more like home with service delivered in a relaxed environment. The bistro overlooking the boulevard below allows guests to experience the charm of a Parisian street cafe while still basking in the colorful culture of downtown Dubai, a spot perfect for those looking to have the most romantic dinner in Dubai.
The menu is a colorful contrast to the bistro’s interior white palette. French-Mediterrenean dishes take centre stage comprising of yet another round of classics with a contemporary twist such as Salade de lentilles, et légumes marines, Carpaccio de thon et vinaigrette aux agrumes, and Risotto aux cèpes.
The best restaurant in Dubai also offers the best table in the house – the Chef’s Table. The room is a 12-seating table, adjoining the bistro kitchen. As the bistro’s piece de resistance, the Chef’s Table gives its guests front-row seats to the theatrics of the kitchen.

9th July 2016 - Posted by La Serre