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What better way to share our plans for the most romantic evening of the year, than in the form of a love letter.

“Mon Amour,

This Valentine’s, I would love to have dinner at La Serre. I want to sit amid the most romantic atmosphere at a table overlooking the Boulevard, watching passers-by and the buzz of Downtown at its finest. I want to feel as though it is just you and I in a beautiful Parisian restaurant, holding hands across the candlelit table with butterflies in my tummy, almost too excited to eat the delicious array of French Mediterranean food.

One of the French waitress’s suggests we start our evening with a glass of champagne and fresh oysters with caviar, in her thick French accent, she adds that the chef has created some special love dishes in addition to the A la carte menu, so we can also have Burrata et tomates, my favourite dish, which will always remind me of our first date here. I like her, her name is Chloe, she remembers us from our first date and she knows what we like.

You will choose the wine for us and I will order the special love dishes which Chloe recommends for us. I have a little surprise for you for dessert, I have preordered a Valrhona chocolate shell and have hidden a message d’amour inside. I can’t wait to see your face when you crack open the chocolate shell to see my surprise, just for you!

J’adore les Roses… La Serre have the most beautiful bouquets of roses from Maison des fleurs, which will be waiting for me at the end of our wonderful dinner together.

After this magnifique evening I will whisper in your ear “Je t’aime!”

For Valentine’s evening, we have a special Chef’s Inspiration menu alongside the A la carte menu and upon booking, guests will be able to pre-order an exclusive selection of bouquets of roses. Guests will also be offered the option to leave a personalised message for their loved one, which will be placed inside a Valrhona chocolate shell on the evening.

For further information or to make a Valentine’s dinner reservation, please call 04 428 6969 or email