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Flowers in the desert are hard to find, but that only serves to make their colours and aromas all the more captivating when they’re discovered. In partnership with celebrated florist Terrence Bramble, La Serre is delighted to add some extra scents and shades to the streets of Dubai as we host winter pop-up, Pret a Flora.

Pret a Flora at La Serre

Special delivery at Pret a Flora!

The flowers are hand-selected by Terrence himself and displayed beautifully on a traditional cart and vintage bicycle. The pop-up offers a pretty and rustic visual as guests enjoy freshly-baked bread and coffee in the morning. As La Serre’s dedicated florist since opening, Terrence is well-versed in matching the style and tone of the restaurant with his arrangements, and Pret a Flora is no exception.

Pret a Flora at La Serre Bistro and Boulangerie

Pret a Flora at La Serre Bistro and Boulangerie

Valentine’s Day may have passed, but that’s no reason to forget about romance. Fresh flowers are a tender and touching gift for a loved one no matter the date.  From ready-to-bloom tulips, to boldly-coloured Colombian roses, flowers are an effortless way to add a pop of colour and beautiful fragrance to the home.

A bustling centre like Dubai needs a little extra colour every now and then. Thanks to the Pret a Flora pop-up installation, spring is blooming at La Serre this month.

 Photo contributions from The Thrift Trip.