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There’s nothing more refreshing than an ice cold tropical fruit cooler on a hot summer’s day. So, we are sharing the recipe for one of our best-selling mocktails here at La Serre, the ‘Peaceful Mule’, a non-alcoholic cooler inspired by the classic Moscow Mule cocktail. The combination of tropical and citrus fruits such as raspberries, passion fruit and lime is perfect for an afternoon party with friends at home or have the professionals shake it up for you at the bar at La Serre.



La Serre Peaceful Mule Cooler Recipe


Raspberries (handful)

3 lime wedges

1 lime (juiced)

20ml passion fruit juice or puree

15ml Orgeat syrup (almond and orange flower syrup)

60ml ginger ale

Crushed ice

To garnish

1 dried lime wheel

1 raspberry

1 mint sprig


Highball glass



  1. Take three raspberries and three lime wedges and place them in the highball glass. Mix them gently so that the fruits release their flavours slowly. It’s important to do this to get the best out of these ingredients.
  2. When this is completed, add the lime juice, passion fruit juice/puree and Orgeat syrup.
  3. Place some crushed ice in the glass and pour in the ginger ale.
  4. Mix the drink with a long spoon, but be careful not to stir too hard. If the drink is overly stirred this will disturb the fizziness of the cocktail, to the detriment of the drink.
  5. Garnish with the dried lime wheel, fresh raspberry and mint sprig. Serve and enjoy.