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The heart of Downtown Dubai is home to many culinary revelations but encased in a two-storey glass frontage, is a Parisian boulangerie and bistro that offers nothing short but truly honest French dining experience.
La Serre, one of the best romantic restaurants in Dubai, is nestled between Burj Khalifa and Business Bay at Vida Downtown. Its boulangerie opens its doors in as early as 6:30 in the morning to guests looking to start their days right with freshly baked pastries and breads coupled with a good cup of coffee.
It is quite difficult for breads and pastries to keep more than just a guest’s initial interest. More often than not, these staples are described as fine but forgettable; but with Head Pastry Chef Waddah Bou Saad, a different picture comes to mind.
Head Pastry Chef Waddah Bou Saad

Waddah Bou Saad, La Serre’s Head Pastry Chef

Waddah is a graduate of Electrical Engineering whose real passion lies in French baking. His deep-rooted interest in the culinary arts can be traced back in their family generations before to his great grandfather. Without knowing it, Waddah was immersed in the theatrics of the kitchen which eventually helped him groom himself to the successful chef that he is now.
Waddah worked as a Pastry Chef across the GCC for 14 years, starting his career as a chef in Syria and moving on to Lebanon and Abu Dhabi before finally settling in the City of Gold- Dubai in the year 2007. He gained more experience at the Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, French Bakeries Eric Kaiser, and Gallerie Lafayette. In 2013, Waddah finally joined La Serre Boulangerie as the Head Pastry Chef bringing his unparalleled mastery in traditional French baking. He bakes every pastry with unique flair putting an artistic twist that makes each creation an explosion of flavor wrapped in art.
He loves working with sweets, particularly chocolate and sugar when it comes to constructing awe-inspiring delicate pastries that leave an inspiring, unforgettable taste in the mouth. According to Waddha, “Chocolate is notoriously tricky to work with because of its melting temperature, but once this challenge has been overcome, chocolate can really bring pastry to life!”

5th July 2016 - Posted by La Serre