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You can’t rush quality. The best ingredients need time to grow and ripen, and there are no shortcuts to cooking delicious meals. At La Serre we take those maxims to heart, and as such the focus on quality ingredients is key to everything we do. We may live fast lives, but that doesn’t mean we need to eat fast food!


At La Serre, our guests get to sample organic and unhurried Mediterranean-inspired dishes, and thanks to these high standards, we are delighted to announce that La Serre is the first restaurant in the Middle East to be awarded the Slow Food Movement’s “Snail of Approval” accreditation.

The Snail of Approval was created to celebrate establishments that have demonstrated a real commitment to serving quality, authenticity, and sustainable organic produce. The award acknowledges La Serre’s dedication to local ingredients, as well as the commitment to educate all restaurant staff about the wider implications of sourcing good produce.

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The Slow Food movement was set up over 25 years ago as a consequence of the increasing emergence of the fast food industry and the subsequent loss of local food traditions, as well as to encourage people to be aware about provenance and quality ingredients. A key aim of Slow Food is for people to be aware of how their food choices impact the world.
La Serre’s Head Chef, Izu Ani welcomed the award, calling it a “privilege” and addeing that “having a true understanding of your ingredients gives you respect and a better understanding of what can be developed.”
The president of Slow Food Dubai, Laura Allais-Maré congratulated La Serre on receiving the accolade, saying the purpose of the “Snail of Approval was to highlight that we care about the food we source, we care about the food we serve and we care about our planet”.