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In preparation of the most romantic evening of the year, candles were lit, lights were dimmed and the La Serre ladies greeted guests with their perfectly Parisian pouts as beauty brand, Bourjois curated a special Valentine’s capsule collection for all ladies dining at La Serre.


For the whole month of February, the best of French collaborated to give guests at La Serre classic French-Mediterranean dishes and make up must-haves from iconic beauty brand, Bourjois. 


All ladies at La Serre received Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks in either Grand Cru, Nude-ist or Don’t Pink Of It along with a little round pot blush in Rose Ambre. The most popular colour amongst the La Serre ladies was ‘Grand Cru’, a shade of deep red with fuchsia undertones, leaving a‘bitten’ vampy lip.

At the bar, Head Bartender Henrik created a special cocktail and mocktail on Valentine’s night in celebration of the collaboration, a concoction of fresh fruit juices, spirits and herbs were shaken (and some stirred) and were then delightfully served with a personalised Bourjois napkin.


After desserts, unsuspecting guests received their very own Bourjois Valentine’s capsule collection and sashayed their way out to enjoy the rest of ‘love day’.