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Chef Izu has become quite the globetrotter, with inspirational trips to Australia, Ethiopia, Italy and Peru he has just returned from a research trip in Canada where he met the beef supplier for La Serre to gain a better understanding about the Beef Heritage Program and the Ontario Corn Fed Program.

cows in Canada
Whilst striving to be organic as much as possible, these programs are built on precision and passion, focusing on the end product being the best it can be and tasting delicious. Chef Izu was really impressed to see how these animals are treated. They are raised in a beautiful, healthy environment and eat a nutritionally rich feed, which is fermented to allow food to digest easier, making it more beneficial for the animal. Each ingredient used in the feed serves a purpose, helping the animal to efficiently utilise energy. The attention to detail doesn’t end there, the farmers allow the cows to roam free, grazing on grass until the grass reaches a certain level, not allowing it go too low, to protect the ecosystem.


Chef Izu Ani organic ingredients

“The Ontario Corn Fed Program ethos is a way of life, which is beneficial for animals with vitamin enriched and high protein feed which makes it also very nutritious for humans. The quality is shown in the end product. Invest the time into detail and expect a superior end result.”

– Chef Izu

Chef Izu commends the Canadians for being very structured and organised and praised them for their quiet confidence. Saying; “They believe in what they do, which is shown in every step of the way from the feeding of the cattle to the end product. Seeing how the product is created which ends up in my kitchen allows me to truly appreciate where it comes from and the process involved to create this incredible quality of meat.”

Canada organic beef

beef supplier in canada



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