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One of our most popular breakfast dishes on the Boulangerie menu, the classic waffle has got a whole new wardrobe of flavours this weekend.

For the Easter weekend, our chefs have created a limited edition, special waffle menu with carefully selected savoury and sweet dishes. In fact, the chefs were testing so many varieties that only 2 of each made it to the final menu.

The savoury options are ‘Wagyu’ and ‘Short rib’, both made with buckwheat flour and make for a well-deserved big breakfast or a very tasty lunch.

For those with an insatiable sweet tooth, we highly recommend ‘Chocolat’, a chocolate waffle which smells like warm chocolate cake, topped with chocolate dipped strawberries with fromage blanc cream. Ohlala!

chocolate waffle

For a less guilty sweet treat, ‘Caramel Granola’ is a favourite amongst the more health-conscious at La Serre.

caramel granola waffle

Waffle weekend begins in the Boulangerie on Friday 25th March and ends on Monday 28th March.

For more information, please call the Boulangerie 04 428 6966 or email